Practice Area

Practice Area

You may have heard the term practice makes perfect. But it is not that simple. To really improve your golf game, you need to be practicing the right things, in the right way. Golf simulators and launch monitors are fun, and a great way to work on parts of your game. But we wanted Total Golf to be somewhere where you could work on all aspects of your game, including your short game.

That is why we have recently added a Practice Area, which includes a 3-stall driving-range equipped with launch monitors and short game area, including over 1,000 square feet of putting practice over 4 putting greens.

Unlimited Access to the Practice Area in included in many of our memberships.  Take advantage of the opportunity to work on all aspects of your Game at Total Golf.


 Your path to better golf starts with a Game Assessment.

Purposeful & Deliberate Practice - The Key To Real & Lasting Improvement

Some say that Ben Hogan “invented” practice. His secret was in methodically breaking the game into smaller chunks and mastering each one.  In the 1970s, psychologist Anders Ericsson coined the terms "purposeful” and “deliberate” practice and identified them as the key to improving and overcoming learning plateaus. “Purposeful practice” is practicing with a specific goal in mind, for example, trying to make 9 out of 10 four-foot putts. “Deliberate Practice” is purposeful practice, but tailored by an expert to ensure that you are practicing the right things. 

Many of our Memberships include Training Plans designed with Ericsson’s research in mind and incorporate games and challenges that are tailored to your skill level to provide an optimal level of difficulty and maximize learning.  

Book a Golf Simulator

Play or practice in one of our state of the art Golf Studios.  More than just a golf simulator, our studios are equipped with ForesightSports GC Hawk and GCQuad launch monitors, 17-foot screens, and stunning 4K graphics.  This is the same technology favoured by PGA Tour Players and professional clubfitters.  

Play the world’s greatest courses, faithfully reproduced to deliver the most true-to-life golf simulation experience available today or work on your ball-striking with precise measurements of every aspect of clubhead and ball launch performance.


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Purposeful Practice Path FAQs

We have no dress code! No one will tell you to tuck in your shirt or that you cannot wear your cap backwards! We suggest anything comfortable, with flat, athletic or golf shoes. On messy winter days, we really appreciate our customers who bring a clean pair of shoes so we are not tracking salt and muck into the bays.

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

We are passionate golfers and committed to providing the ultimate indoor golf experience. Our golf simulators are powered by ForesightSports professional grade launch monitors, the most accurate launch monitors available. We also own one of only three PuttView augmented reality putting greens in Canada and we have devoted half of our 11,000 square feet to short game practice. We offer learn to golf and coaching programs that incorporate a common sense approach, use the best available technology and include on-course work to bring it all together.

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