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The path to lower scores starts on the putting green. We are excited to introduce you to our PuttView augmented reality putting green, only the second one installed in Canada! This camera and projection-based system transform our practice green into an interactive learning environment. For example, the system will calculate the ideal breakline and aimline for any putt, project it onto the green, and track dispersion patterns in real-time.

Here are a few examples of things you can do on the PuttView:

  • Master your understanding of the relationship between line and speed
  • Track your results - discover whether your tendency is to miss left or right, high or low, long or short
  • Play skill-testing games such as putt pong or tic tac toe to dial in your stroke and feel for distance

What is PuttView?

PuttView is your visual toolbox for putting practice. The Augmented Reality technology enables the visualization on the putting green, with feedback on all important parameters of a putt.

PuttView uses a projector mounted to the ceiling in order to visualize information for practice directly on the green, such as the ideal line and the pace of a putt. The user controls PuttView with an interactive tablet app and can easily shape and adapt practice for each player individually. Some of the best golf coaches in the world, amongst others Phil Kenyon and David Orr, and Pros like Bryson DeChambeau use it to enhance their practice.

Our PuttView system has ball tracking capability - there are less than 30 PuttViews in the world utilizing this technology.

Book a Golf Simulator

Play or practice in one of our state of the art Golf Studios.  More than just a golf simulator, our studios are equipped with ForesightSports GC Hawk and GCQuad launch monitors, 17-foot screens, and stunning 4K graphics.  This is the same technology favoured by PGA Tour Players and professional clubfitters.  

Play the world’s greatest courses, faithfully reproduced to deliver the most true-to-life golf simulation experience available today or work on your ball-striking with precise measurements of every aspect of clubhead and ball launch performance.


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PuttView Bookings FAQs

We have no dress code!  No one will tell you to tuck in your shirt or that you cannot wear your cap on backwards! We suggest anything comfortable, with flat, athletic or golf shoes. On messy winter days, we really appreciate our customers who bring a clean pair of shoes so we are not tracking salt and muck into the bays.

The PuttView is an augmented reality system for our putting green. The system incorporates and camera and projection system to a computer that is programmed with a lidar scan of the green’s topography. With this information, the system can project targets, aim lines, and break lines onto the green. The camera allows the system to track every putt you hit and store your make percentages from various distances as well as your dominant tendencies when you miss.

No! In fact, this is the ideal place for a beginner to learn the basics of the relationship between line and speed. It also has fun putting games you can play, such as tic tac toe or puttpong.

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

We are passionate golfers and committed to providing the ultimate indoor golf experience. Our golf simulators are powered by ForesightSports professional grade launch monitors, the most accurate launch monitors available. We also own one of only three PuttView augmented reality putting greens in Canada and we have devoted half of our 11,000 square feet to short game practice. We offer learn to golf and coaching programs that incorporate a common sense approach, use the best available technology and include on-course work to bring it all together.

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