Learn To Golf

Learn To Golf

At Total Golf, we love welcoming new players to the game.  Many beginners and juniors find the relaxed and fun atmosphere at Total Golf to be way less intimidating than starting on a crowded driving range or on the golf course with people playing behind you.

All of our Learn to Golf Programs start with a Game Evaluation.  If you are brand new to the game then your Game Evaluation will be a mini-lesson and introduction to some basic golf principles.  Then we will walk you through the different parts of the game and develop a plan for you to learn each of them.

Our Coaching Packages

We offer learn to golf packages  in partnership with Golf Performance Canada.  Our packages include a combination of the following:

  • Group classes covering the foundational principles our our teaching method
  • Playing lessons 
  • Private lessons
  • Golf Studio time
  • Purposeful Practice Path sessions

To find out more about our learn to golf packages, please start by booking a Game Evaluation.

Book a Golf Simulator

Play or practice in one of our state of the art Golf Studios.  More than just a golf simulator, our studios are equipped with ForesightSports GC Hawk and GCQuad launch monitors, 17-foot screens, and stunning 4K graphics.  This is the same technology favoured by PGA Tour Players and professional clubfitters.  

Play the world’s greatest courses, faithfully reproduced to deliver the most true-to-life golf simulation experience available today or work on your ball-striking with precise measurements of every aspect of clubhead and ball launch performance.


Our Services

Golf Classes FAQs

If that’s what you really want, then we will accommodate you.  But The path to better golf starts with us truly understanding your game, and a Game Evaluation is the best way to do this.  

Rather than just sell lessons, which we think is an outdated and ineffective approach to helping you improve, we design programs  comprised of the following elements, in each case incorporating the latest technology

  • Diagnosing exactly where you are losing shots on the golf course
  • Ensuring you understand certain foundational principles in 5 key areas of the game
  • Drills and instruction to improve your technique
  • Purposeful practice to develop your skills
  • Playing lessons to bring it all together and develop strategies for course management

We think that the indoor facility at Total Golf is the best place to learn and work on your game. The easy access to ForesightSports and PuttView technology and the specially designed short game area make Total-Golf a turbo-charged learning environment. As soon as weather permits, however, we get outside on the golf course for playing lessons with our students as this is a major component of our coaching program.

We have no dress code!  No one will tell you to tuck in your shirt or that you cannot wear your cap on backwards! We suggest anything comfortable, with flat, athletic or golf shoes. On messy winter days, we really appreciate our customers who bring a clean pair of shoes so we are not tracking salt and muck into the bays.

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

Calgary’s Ultimate Indoor Golf Facility

We are passionate golfers and committed to providing the ultimate indoor golf experience. Our golf simulators are powered by ForesightSports professional grade launch monitors, the most accurate launch monitors available. We also own one of only three PuttView augmented reality putting greens in Canada and we have devoted half of our 11,000 square feet to short game practice. We offer learn to golf and coaching programs that incorporate a common sense approach, use the best available technology and include on-course work to bring it all together.

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